Valtaro Formaggi: una storia di famiglia e tradizione

In the photo Adelmo Torri checks the quality of each wheel with the needle.

Photograph taken from the special “The Golden Grater” published by Domenica del Corriere in 1972

Parmigiano Reggiano is an extremely ancient cheese that has been made in the same way since the Middle Ages.

The story of Val Taro Formaggi begins with grandfather Adelmo in the 1930s.  Forty years later, Valtaro Formaggi S.r.l. was founded, and today it is grandson, Andrea, who is carrying the family tradition into the future.

Val Taro Parmigiano Reggiano continues to be produced in dairies in the Parma-Reggio area of Emilia Romagna. This strong bond with our territory is fundamental to our belief that the future of our cheesemaking tradition is deeply rooted in the land where the ancient seeds of friendship and loyalty were planted.

Val Taro Formaggi is committed not only to handing down the centuries-old cheese-making tradition of the region, but also to preserving the heritage of those who produced Parmigiano Reggiano in times gone by.